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We help nonprofits and small businesses articulate their story and design innovative programs to solve current problems and increase capacity. We offer expertise in prospect research, grant writing, program development, and grant readiness. This firm specializes in environmental and education grants, but writes all kinds of grants.

This fund development firm strives to be part of the sustainability solution. We have a passion for and commitment to securing funding for projects that will slow climate change, improve water quality, promote renewable energy, and help the U.S. make the transition to clean energy technologies.

Environmental grant experience includes green manufacturing; green technology; renewable energy; energy efficiency R&D; energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings; environmental education; nonpoint source pollution, stormwater management; water quality; aquatic invasive species; land conservation; the psychology of sustainable behavior change; and sustainable forestry.

This firm is also dedicated to improving educational outcomes for students and teachers in K-12 and higher education. Education grant experience includes K-12 urban teacher education; diversity, access, and equity; multiculturalism; K-12 study abroad experiences; closing the achievement gap in Minnesota; literacy enrichment for economically disadvantaged students of color; support for veterans and active military students in higher education; historic and cultural preservation; archaeology and anthropology; and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

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Is Your Organization Grant Ready?

“Let’s get a grant!” is a common response to the economic downturn. But are you truly ready to take on the challenge? Funding opportunities are limited unless your organization is a nonprofit designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3, 501(c)4, or 501(c)6. Have you developed a new program or project you would like to fund? Or, perhaps you have an existing program that you’d like to take to the next level. (It's easier to get funding for new programs.) Have you thought about the intended outcomes of your program and how you will achieve them? Are there partners involved? If so, how will they contribute to the program? Do you have the staff to carry out the program? Do you know how much the program will cost? How will you know the program is successful? And, how will you measure this? (Funders want to see both qualitative and quantitative results.) How will you evaluate your program? (This is a good place to start if you are developing a new program.) How will you sustain your program financially beyond the first year of funding? If you can answer most of these questions, then you’re ready to pursue grant-seeking activities.

Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards are the best bet for R&D and technology commercialization of innovative projects. Eleven federal agencies award startups and small businesses based on the technical merit of your innovation, team expertise, and the potential impact on the commercial market, including public benefit. Your innovation must match a topic or sub-topic area and be vetted with a federal agency official. Visit www.zyn.com/sbir or www.sbir.gov for more information. Also visit www.grants.gov and federalbizopps.com for business funding opportunities.

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About Us

Cass Erickson, founder of Writing for the Workplace, LLC, has worked as a professional writer and editor for more than 20 years. She provides her clients with expertise in writing, editing, and research to help them fund programs and move their organization forward. She got her start in the field in the Programs and Development Department at the Council on Undergraduate Research currently located in Washington, DC.

Cass has a BA in Art History from The George Washington University and an MLIS in Library Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a member of the Grant Professionals Association, Professional Editors Network, and Association of Art Editors.

Cass Erickson

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